Holistic & Remedial Massage with Thai, Chinese, & Ayurvedic Therapy Energy Healing, & Physical Vascular Therapy 


Transformative holistic treatments to take care of the mind, body, & spirit. Your body truly matters because it's the only place we have to live & experience life. The greatest wealth is health ~ 

Healing Arts with Sukh Parmar ~ encouraging awareness to create change & transformation within the body & stresses of life. Thus cultivating a healthy and harmonious relationship between mind, body, spirit & life.  

Optimal health is a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium. Of course healthy exercise and diet plays a role, but too many individuals also miss the importance of reducing emotional and physical stress. Sukh offer’s transformative therapies and well-being solutions for clients as they move into deeper inner work.

Reiki (or Chi/Qi healing) is an ancient energy medicine practice used to promote healing, prevent disease and aid deep states of relaxation. Individuals often describe Reiki treatments as deeply soothing and relaxing, and report improved energy flow and balance of the body’s energy.  Many choose Reiki to compliment orthodox medicine, and can combine the treatment in combination with other therapies, such as Ayurvedic/Thai/Chinese Massage, or Tai Chi Qigong. Today, Reiki is also practised across the country in many hospitals. Reiki has many healing benefits and frequently used to enhance immune function, reduce stress, support recovery from surgery, reduce chronic pain, manage side effects of chemotherapy, and improve mental or spiritual clarity. Tai Chi Qigong, Reiki, Ayurveda and NLP continue to support the emotions of life, and shift the body back into its natural state of regeneration.

Sukh Parmar is an Intuitive Holistic Healthcare Therapist, Shakti Dance and Tai Chi Qigong Teacher, working from Hitchin, Hertfordshire. To experience the benefits of the healing arts, book a session with Sukh.  Please fill in the contact form.

 Having had a missed miscarriage last Autumn and a subsequent surgical procedure I was experiencing debilitating abdominal pain every month during menstruation and associated emotional distress for five months. Within 6-8 weeks of receiving abdominal massages and energy work with Sukh my periods have settled and I am completely pain free! It has been such a relief to find Sukh who has really helped me recover from what was a very traumatic experience. With her support I feel much more connected with my physical self and empowered to use strategies for self-healing to prepare my body to hopefully conceive again. I am so grateful for Sukh’s sympathetic ear and the positive and calming influence of her treatments. I would recommend her to any woman experiencing fertility or gynaecological pain issues" – Cassandra, Hitchin

  Abdominal detox massage with Sukh has helped reduce my years of anxiety significantly, despite that fact that stress levels have recently been heightened. For years, I experienced constant stomach pain & knotted feelings, but notice I am coping so much better with stress just after 5 sessions, and my digestive system is functioning so much better, with no more bloating or stomach pain. I used to experience regular hot flushes, as well as wake up in the night drenched in sweat. Now I only experience short waves of warmth for a few seconds. I'm very pleased with the benefits of these treatments" – Angela, Hitchin

After suffering with lower back and sciatic pain for over 15 years following an accident I was diagnosed with arthritis and sacrioilitis.  I went through a number of medical interventions and was reliant on pain medication to manage day to day life.  Unfortunately long term use meant I was getting little relief.  I turned to Sukh after a recommendation. Sukh spent time getting to know me and my condition and made me feel at ease from my first appointment. My treatments with Sukh has helped resolve the physical pain completely.  This alongside all of the health and general wellbeing advice and support Sukh continues to provide me has been a life changing experience. – K, Wick, Hitchin 

"After my first Reiki treatment with Sukh my 'anxiety belly' had gone. The reason I came for treatment was unexplained infertility. After 7 years of 'trying' my husband and I had IVF that fortunately gave us our son. We wanted a second child and hoped we could conceive naturally. I found Sukh in April, having regular treatments and great advice I found myself pregnant in July. Sukh's treatments can only be described as magic. I feel calm and relaxed now everyday. Just me..no mental baggage, no anxiety, no physical aches. Reiki helps you be present everyday whatever life's challenges. Thank you Sukh xx" – Kelly, Stevenage

After 6 years of absent periods, I have finally experienced a monthly cycle thanks to Sukh. Over the last 6 years I tried so many therapies, medicines and treatments provided and advised by Doctors. Nothing was working. When I found Sukh, she suggested supporting the imbalance with a holistic and natural approach utilising energy work (to my disbelief).  I can’t thank Sukh enough for showing me there are simple and kinder ways to supporting the body. – J Lakhani, Hitchin 

I initially arranged to meet Sukh to look into alternative ways of coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I always suffered from constant full body pain since my diagnosis, which the hospital couldn’t explain. As a 22 year old suffering with RA, the stress and worry of the long term effects started to take further strain on my well-being. I was unaware to what treatment would be suitable, but Sukh listened to my needs and we began with an energy session combined with an Ayurvedic massage treatment. The constant body ache lifted significantly after the first two treatments, which has now allowed me to reduce my medication intake.  The knowledge Sukh has given me about my body and diet has given me more confidence about the long term effects of arthritis and I intend to continue treatments with her. – R Pennie, Hitchin 

Following a nasty bout of Facial Shingles resulting in cranial nerve palsy and double vision, I visited Sukh for help in reinstating my sight and reducing the numbness of my head. I had experienced double vision for almost 3 weeks which left me unable to open my right eye but after the first treatment, I immediately felt the benefit and was able to focus in single vision with both eyes for extended periods of time. A week later, and after the second treatment, the double vision had virtually gone and the numbness greatly reduced.  The relief was enormous and I would highly recommend Sukh, not only for her very effective techniques which really encouraged and sped up the healing process, but also for her help and advice on general wellbeing. – Jan, Hitchin 

 Sukh has  supported me coming off long term oral contraceptive.  I was wanting pain management and symptom relief which I got but also  she has helped me on a  much deeper level. Gently encouraging me to connect to myself and empowering me to feel joyful about all that is woman, has been transformative. Sukh creates a safe and supportive space for you to take what you need from healing. She is honest and non judgemental,  allowing you to become your best and brilliant self.  I have recommended her to friends and colleagues. – Emma, Hitchin