About Sukh Parmar

I’m a Holistic Therapist, Tai Chi Qigong and Shakti Dance Instructor, who works with energy creatively and intuitively.  Having experienced health challenges in my early 20’s, I turned to energy medicine to create positive change in my own health, and resolve limiting patterns held within the subconscious. I haven’t looked back since. Exploring my own journey with self-care practices, I became aware of how important it is for one to take responsibility of their own life stories, health and well-being – the importance of transcending the ego stories, and continuing the inner work to resolve and transform core limiting emotional patterns into wisdom.

I spent 6 years in the City, working within Corporate Communications, PR, and Public Affairs. During my career among corporate giants and political figures, I committed to daily meditative practices, and began studying the Healing Arts with leading authorities within the field of well-being and spirituality.  So inspired by energy medicine, and its simple essence, I decided to leave a successful career in the City to follow my heart.  A simple lifestyle that allows me to share my work with others, dive deep into my own essence, and continue to refine my own energy vibration, daily.

I have been practicing and studying the Healing Arts for over a decade now, and recognize how important it is to offer individuals a safe space to explore their own healing vibration.  I facilitate positive change for clients that seek it within their own body and life, by using a combination of modalities.  As a Therapist, I also look at client’s current lifestyle, and tailor sessions to suit individual health/life needs.

Successfully working with clients and a wide range of stresses & symptoms, it is my belief that healing requires an approach that empowers free will and doesn’t violate it.


Sukh Parmar, Lifeline Technique Practitioner

“Recognizing the very nature of our 'being' is a power that offers freedom. The commitment made on the path of well-being and self awareness is a beautiful gift"


Asea Cellular Health (Redox Signaling Molecules), Advocate       www.sukhparmar.myasealive.com

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