Holistic Therapies

Specialising in the ‘Healing Arts’

Sukh specialises in the Healing Arts, and is passionate about her clients understanding of their own sub-conscious limitations. She is committed to taking clients on a journey towards well-being and balance by the simple practice of safe and natural methods, allowing an individual to reach their optimal potential.  Sukh has explored a wide range of healing modalities over fiftteen years; varying from Reiki Energy Healing, The Lifeline Technique, NLP, Hypnosis, Ayurveda principles, Chinese medicine principles, Massage, Jin Shin, Pulse Listening, Applied Kinesiology and more.

If your body is speaking to you with physical discomfort/symptoms, or life expressing itself with emotional stresses, then contact Sukh to explore your healing potential.  Sessions will be tailored to suit individual health needs.

Sukh works with;

  • Head, neck, shoulder tensions. Migraines / Headaches
  • Back pain / Sciatica
  • Sleep disorders
  • Monthly menstrual discomfort or absence 
  • Depression
  • PCO’s /Endometriosis
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) / Fibromyalgia
  • Stress / anxiety
  • Fertility issues / Healthy pregnancy
  • Balancing emotional stresses concerning major diagnosis
  • Trauma
  • Circulatory problems & digestive issues or complaints
  • And much more (the list is endless)

Sukh helped me to improve multiple physical pains caused by sports injury and work stresses, while increasing my awareness of not only nourishment of body, but mind and spirit. The latter has empowered me to tackle emotionally unpleasant events more mindfully, resulting in comforting resolutions and learning of one's true self. In addition, work on reducing menstrual cramps and heavy periods is starting to create a greater harmony within myself as a woman. Sukh's multifaceted approach to healing, unbeknownst to me and being slightly sceptical, was exactly what I needed.
– Jemma, Hitchin 

I met Sukh after another very disappointing appointment to the GP who sent me back home with ibuprofen while I could barely walk. After seeing  Sukh a couple of times, the pain down my leg was gone, and she triggered in me the will to take a new approach for my well being. Sukh brings happiness, positive attitude and love in your body awareness and has definitely been the right change in my life and for my well being.
– Sophie, Hitchin 

Taking you into a wonderful sacred and intimate journey with yourself, you will learn how to influence the subconscious mind, your very own energy vibration, and begin to appreciate energy as a wonderful mystery, knowing it can only transform itself.

Explore your healing potential with Sukh at healingarts@sukhparmar.com

Sessions can be conducted via Skype if you are unable to attend in person.  For further information or questions please email healingarts@sukhparmar.com