Intuitive Tarot & One Question Email Readings

Intuitive Tarot Consultations, & One Question Email Readings


Tarot is an ancient divinatory system using symbols and imagery, which communicate through energy and meaning. There are numerous ways of interpreting the cards, mostly within a ‘spread’ to offer guidance for the querent.

How does a Tarot consultation help? 

A Tarot reading or consultation with Sukh uses the cards to gain insight and understanding into relationships, life situations, and phases of personal development. These readings will also highlight subconscious limitations, to reveal a more deeper spiritual perspective. The readings are tuned into working with the higher self rather than spiritual beings, because not everything that comes from mediumistic methods that enters into non physical realms is necessarily tuned into the highest spiritual truth.

Within the Intuitive Consultations, Sukh’s readings do not necessarily focus on predicting the unfolding of future experiences, rather work with the deeper, transformational energies which can lead one towards greater self-awareness/realisation, and feel support, which in turn raises consciousness.  The future is not set in stone, so a sense of connecting with what’s coming with expanded awareness is used to be helpful and reshape events where needed. This can be achieved through healing emotions and beliefs connected with the past, present, future, and to meet any challenging situation with fresh possibilities.

These readings are very much effective if one is interested in deepening perception of the energy waves currently existing through life events and relationships. The cards communicate with its energies and mystical symbols giving support to the seeker.

If you feel drawn to Tarot and seeking guidance to explore your potential transformation with deeper truths in whatever the current story, then a consultation with Sukh will make a wonderful gift for the Soul.

Sessions can take place via Skype if you do not live local.  Whether you are two miles away or hundreds of miles away, the results of a session will remain the same.  ‘One question’ email readings are also offered to support a specific subject area or event in life, and suits those who are unable to attend in person or via skype consultations. Email readings will be delivered within one week of purchase, sometimes sooner depending on the schedule.

1 Hour Reading – £50

30 Mins Reading – £35

One Question Email Reading – £18

To book a Skype or Email Consultation, please use the PayPal options below. Sukh will contact you directly to arrange a date/time for Skype consultations. Alternatively contact Sukh to arrange a face to face consultation. To book please click here

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Sukh's reading gave me the confidence and confirmation to help recreate my reality in a more positive and proactive way. She gave me valuable guidance on how to remove old patterns and to avoid some potential road blocks that could cause future agony. I felt empowered by her reading to make some significant positive changes in my life. Her approach is very gentle and caring. What I loved about her reading is that she gives guidance and hope for the future without ever telling you what to do. Her reading was very accurate and completely pertained to the themes that are currently playing out in my life. She took the time to thoroughly explain the meaning behind the messages coming through. One thing that amazed me about her ability is that she was able to pick up on the matter that my heart was most consumed with, even though my mind was focused on something else. It was helpful to bring awareness to that first, so that I could clear that energy and move on to what I really wanted to begin creating. Both matters were connected, but one had to be brought to awareness before focusing on the other. I highly recommend Sukh for a guided reading. You will be very pleased with the experience. Thank you very much Sukh!!!  – W Costa, Canada - Skype Consultation

Experiencing a reading with Sukh was an extraordinary experience. The connection felt very strong between us, despite the session being over the phone. It was as if I was being read at a very deep level and stripped off so many layers within myself. Sukh managed to communicate the deeper levels that I was not addressing or perceiving clearly in myself. It felt like a relief to 'see' myself so clearly as Sukh voiced deep issues with connection to the relationship with my own sense of being.  A valuable session. I felt as though I was sitting with a wise Sage who saw me deeply. A very touching experience – Anne Burrows, London  - Skype Consultation

Truly amazing Tarot reading with Sukh Parmar. Such amazing insight and information about things i have never spoken to her about before. Thoroughly recommend this to anyone, really is very inspiring and potentially life changing. – Lauren, Hertfordshire

You have helped me understand so much in such a short space of time. This evening I am feeling much more content and at peace within myself, which I can quite honestly say has been a while! Today you were the guide I was looking for. – Rebecca K, Hertfordshire

I've found Sukh to be an insightful, reassuring and wise guide in times of uncertainty. She is perceptive and thoughtful and offers insights without judgement. Underpinning it all is a genuine wish to help you find the best path on which to move forward. – Marianna, London  - Skype Consultation

Sukh's intuitive insight and ability to be specific in areas of my life were spot on. The consultation helped shine a light into areas that were hidden to me, and even held subconsciously. The reading has given me space to develop in areas neglected but ready to heal and expand. I've been nudged out of my comfort zone, but more that happy to allow changes to happen. – Iris, Hitchin 

Whilst going through a period of particular uncertainty in my life, Sukh did a reading for me which was intuitive, guiding and so helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend Sukh whether you have specific areas you want to discuss or are just exploring your possibilities. – D O'Connell, London  - Email Reading

This reading was amazing thanks. You have a connection. So accurate that it freaked me out a little! – Tammy, London  - Email Reading