Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki (Ray-key) – Universal Energy

Works like acupuncture, using non-invasive laying of the hands technique.  Treatments are also combined with a simple style of acupressure, to support meridians.


Reiki belongs to the Energy Medicine family. Sharing the same principle as Acupuncture, Reiki works to balance the natural qi (energy) within the body, but without the use of needles. Due to stress, our body’s energy (life force) can become disrupted, blocked, or weakened, causing emotional or physical health problems. Reiki is a gentle hands on energy healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being, as well as develop an inner spiritual connection.  Reiki is effective in helping to treat ailments, emotional stresses, ease physical discomfort, and help boost the immune system.

Depending on the individual’s health need, Sukh will also combine Ayurvedic and TCM principles with the use of pressure points, and listen to the ‘pulse energy’ as a means to understand the body’s need, and encourage healthy flow of energy through the body’s junctions and nadis/meridians (pathways and channels).

Reiki treatments are safe with no contradictions. Reiki will not interfere with any medical care you are receiving. Therefore, Reiki treatments can be received by individuals undergoing surgery, fertility treatments or while receiving chemotherapy.  Sukh also works with women to encourage healthy and conscious pregnancy leading up to the birth process.

Reiki works in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects, and can promote recovery from major surgery, and the effects of treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Beneficial effects include stress reduction, relaxation, energy boost, physical restoration, inner peace, wellbeing and security.

Energy healing can be very relaxing, supportive and empowering for all. Sukh works with and treats newborns, young children, teenagers and corporate professionals.

To receive a treatment, the individual lie’s fully clothed on a treatment table while Sukh places her hands lightly on or just above your body’s energy pathways. Sukh works from Hitchin Hertfordshire & Cavendish Square, London.


Relieve stress and symptoms associated with it
Prevention of some types of illness and maintenance of good health
Boosts immunity, restores body to balance, and can help with symptoms of insomnia
Calming and uplifting, helps to release negativity, supporting mental clarity
Promotes well-being at an emotional, physical and spiritual level
Can often aid in helping with deep relaxation, assisting the body to release tension and toxins
Can help with symptoms associated with migraines, menstrual discomfort, chronic fatigue and much more
Stronger self esteem and self awareness

Hitchin Clinic 60mins ~ £39 

Cavendish Sqaure Clinic 60mins ~ £55 / 30mins ~ £40 

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 Whilst on chemo treatment, I felt a lot of weakness, especially in my calves. I had no strength & I struggled to walk up & down the stairs.  To my surprise, after my first Reiki session with Sukh, I walked down the clinic stairs with no pain at all. I couldn't believe it.  Even after a Qigong class, I noticed I had a lot more energy the next day" – Anne, Hitchin

"After my first Reiki treatment with Sukh my 'anxiety belly' had gone. The reason I came for treatment was unexplained infertility. After 7 years of 'trying' my husband and I had IVF that fortunately gave us our son. We wanted a second child and hoped we could conceive naturally. I found Sukh in April, having regular treatments and great advice I found myself pregnant in July. Sukh's treatments can only be described as magic. I feel calm and relaxed now everyday. Just mental baggage, no anxiety, no physical aches. Reiki helps you be present everyday whatever life's challenges. Thank you Sukh xx" – Kelly, Stevenage

Thank you so much for introducing me to the healing art of Reiki. I don’t know what you do, or how it works, but it does. Not only is it intensely relaxing - which is always a blessing - but there have been long term benefits, too. Mentally and physically, I feel more capable to deal with everything that is thrown at me. Thank you and just keep doing what you’re doing. – Hilary, Hitchin