Essence of Woman

Essence of Woman / The Graceful Feminine

A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world – transforming life with Radiance


                      Female Health & Well-being

Powerful shifts emerge when women consciously gather together in sacred circle with intention and energy movement, ready to birth into their fullness.  Conscious women are described as the great listeners of life, the artists, mystics, poets, visionaries, writers and creatives. We feel our way through life, tuning into our surroundings at a deeper level than the physical. If the intensity of the world feels too much, it’s important to take quiet time to emotionally decompress. This may include small breaks throughout the day where we can take a breath, move our bodies, or go deeper within ourselves during meditative practices. It’s important to tune into our natural rhythms and needs, so that we can honour and nurture them.

Now is the time to take care of your nervous system, and energy body consciously. If you are highly sensitive, or have difficulty calming your mind, then Essence of Woman facilitates a space to channel strong energy within and redirect your mind for higher functioning tasks instead of defaulting to lower functioning instinctual responses such as anxiety and depression.

  • Mindful body and energy awareness
  • Breath work, meditation(s), mantras, chanting
  • Moving the body and healing with Tai Chi Qigong, Shakti Dance principles
  • Strengthen the immune, and calm the nervous system
  • Raising energy vibration / Conscious creation
  • Sound Healing
  • Trust wisdom of the soul
  • Chakra balance exercises
  • Unlocking & embracing the deep feminine (Shakti) nature

As a Woman, it becomes your duty to know how to value, nourish and honour your body, including all its marvellous processes. By doing so, you shall contribute to healing, & raising the vibration of future generations. 

Monthly gatherings take place Friday evenings – exploring the healing and spiritual arts.

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