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Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Well-being

Essence – Formless in Form


This CD has been created at the request of clients and students.

Meditation is mostly recognized as a spiritual practice, and also has many health benefits. Today, many studies report how meditation is practiced widely to help manage stress, and prevent disease.

Meditation for relaxation and well-being will help reduce stress, calm the mind, rejuvenate and awaken your own healing potential. In the audio, Sukh will take you on an internal healing journey through guided visualisation. Inspired by her Qigong, Healing, and Inner Smile practice, the meditation will help increase mindful awareness in mind and body.

This simple, yet profound meditation is easy to follow, and has been designed to help;

Improve sleep                               Clarity of mind

Create relaxation                          Increase energy level

Reduce physical tension              Improve immunity

Develop mindfulness                   Get to know your true self

Mind body awareness                  Feel more connected

Use the CD whenever you need balance, peace, and relaxation for deep healing.  To fully experience benefits, regular practice is essential. Busy people are always grateful to pause, and enjoy rejuvenating meditation daily. Take the time to dive into your Essence.

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What other Meditators are saying; 


I love this cd. If ever I wake feeling a bit gloomy and it's gray outside I spend some time listening to it and I notice a significant change in my mood for the better and it reminds of the beauty that is all around. I use this as an adjunct to my Qi gong practice with Sukh and would recommend it to anyone, not only for personal development but also for anyone interested or working in the healing arts - it will enhance your practice – Maria Costello, Osteopath  


 Sukh’s meditation CD is very calming, & relaxing. All my stress disappears. Over time I have noticed changes in my well being, I feel happier, healthier & it also helps deepen my experience in my qi gong practice, I feel a deeper connection with my internal self.  I would recommend the CD to everyone. It helps create body awareness, & being more present. Thank you, Sukh xx – Iris  


This meditation has such a pureness, & quietens the internal chatter completely making me feel so at one with the energy around me. – Lisa  


I have always found it hard to shut my active mind down but had never tried an assisted relaxation CD until now. The Essence - Formless in Form guides your mind and body into a relaxed state in order to be able to concentrate purely on positivity and healing. I found this surprisingly easy and rejuvenating and I find time to use it frequently to ease my back pain and tension. – Lucy  


 Sukh’s voice is very soothing & calming. In my experience this meditation is strong & powerful energetically. Thank you for sharing this with us Sukh! It's helping me in many ways. – Nina